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First Birthday Celebrations!

First birthday party magician

On your child's special first birthday, Bonaparté will help  make the celebration exciting and full of fun-for the whole Family.

In fact, his Dynamic COMBINATION MAGIC ACT is guaranteed to put bright smiles on the face of every guest from ages 4 to 104.


In order to understand the nature and popularity of the Combination Magic Act, you have to first understand what is being combined.

You see, there are 3 ways to include Bonaparté in your celebration. So for starters, check out the short descriptions immediately below:

Option 1
The Family Magic Concert

Bonaparté gathers all of the children into a separate area or room and performs a 45 Minute to an Hour Magic Show to be viewed by all the kids at once. This hilarious Comedy Magic Show is most suited for children ages 4 years to 9 or 10 years old.
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Option 2
Strolling Close-Up Magic 

With this performance format, Bonaparté mixes and mingles with the guests, roaming from group to group and individual to individual—astounding them with interactive Close-Up miracles that often happen right in their very own hands!
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Option 3
The Combination Magic Act

You guessed it. The Combination Magic Act—the most popular format for First Birthday celebrations--combines the best of both worlds—offering a bit of stellar Strolling Close-Up Magic as well as a Concert Style Magic Show geared to the children.
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Whichever program you choose, Bonaparté is the perfect addition to your upcoming 1st Birthday Party Celebration.  A highly skilled entertainer with a vast repertoire, he is equally adept at 'Wowing' all Children,  all Adults, or Mixed-Age Family Audiences.

Bonaparté, we can not thank you enough for making our son's first birthday so special. The kids were thrilled by your magic and the adults were not only impressed by your performance but with how well you captivated the children.

Everyone raved about your unique ability to entertain the kids while also keeping the adults engaged. You had something for everyone and you made EVERYONE smile!! You were definitely the highlight of the party and you made it so memorable for us. We thank you so much.

Heather Spolidoro - Billerica, MA

For a more detailed description of these three exciting Program Options- Read Below:


The Family Magic Concert

Bonaparte will gather the children and perform his high energy, Award-Winning Family Magic Concert. This program includes:

Boston kids party entertainment

Children love Bonaparté's silly  and amazing magical antics!

  • Amazing Magic
  • Hilarious Age-Appropriate Comedy
  • Oodles of Audience Participation.

A Real Live Bunny!

This dynamic, fun-filled show features the dramatic appearance of a Fluttering White Dove named 'Snow' plus Bonaparté's furry friend 'Frisky'--an adorable Magic Bunny!

The program length can be customized to accommodate your needs--but the standard running time is 45 minutes to an hour.

This performance is an actual Magic Show with highly visual tricks that are designed to be viewed by all the kids at once.

The party guests will scream and laugh for about an hour--delighting in Bonaparte's comedic Magical antics!


Strolling Close-Up Magic

With this Performance Format, instead of performing a Magic Concert, Bonaparté will roam from group to group and from individual to individual astounding the guests with interactive Close-Up miracles that often happen right in their hands!

The Pied Piper of Magic!

Snow - beautiful white dove

Beautiful white dove

Since  most First Birthday Celebrations typically have guests of all ages--this Performance Option is an excellent way to ensure that the older children, adolescents, teens and adults have an opportunity to enjoy some sophisticated magic--involving sleight of hand and mindreading.

But--don't worry, although the older crowd will appreciate his expertise--the younger children will follow Bonaparté around and join in the Magic as well. Bonaparté becomes a virtual Pied Piper!

Because of its nature, the program length of the Strolling Close-Up Magic format can be 1 Hour, 1 ½ Hours, 2 Hours—or whatever you prefer. How long Bonaparté participates is a personal choice based on the number of guests, your budget and your entertainment vision.


The Combination Magic Act

Ist birthday party

The Combination Magic Act is the hands down favorite format for family gatherings of this nature- such as First Communions, Christenings, Baptisms and of course--First Birthday celebrations!

As the name implies, this Performance Option combines the best of both worlds since Bonaparté will perform some mind-blowing Strolling Close-Up Magic from group to group--followed by his Award-Winning Magic Concert that will be geared towards the younger children.

This Performance Format is wildly popular because it has something for everyone.

Whichever program you deem most suitable for your event, one thing is certain…

…Bonaparté's participation in your child's
First Birthday Party will help make the
event an Unforgettable  success!

Do you want to assure that your child's first birthday celebration will be an absolutely fun-filled event that your family and friends will talk about for years to come?

Or do you simply want more information from a Bonaparte Representative?

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