Bonaparte 2018 Standard Rates

Family Magic Concert (Kid’s Focus)

Due to additional props and production costs involved, add $100.00 to the Concert or
Combination Show Fee if the program is for adults.

Fee  : $850 Includes the dramatic appearance of a fluttering white dove and an  adorable fuzzy bunny!   

Strolling Close-Up Magic

Fee :   

$750 for 1 hour                                       

$575 per hr for multiple hours                               

$925 for 1.5 hours  

Close-Up Bonus

Includes a couple of “grander scale” tricks i.e.: Frisky the Bunny’s Appearance / Stage-Type tricks.

Fee  :                                                           

$800 for 1 hour                                                       

$975 for 1.5 hours                                                  

Combination Magic

30 minutes strolling Close-Up Magic and 30 minutes Stage Type Magic Show: Features Lives Animals

Fee  :                                                            

$850 for 1 hour                                                                 

$650 per hr for 2 hours                                                     

$1125 for 1.5 hours                                                                     

These rates are Standard Rates that apply to local events only.  Call to get price quote for programs more than ½ hour from the city of Boston.

The fee for out of town rates that involve overnight stay is typically $2,000.00 for the day plus travel and accommodations.