Discover The Zoom Magic Show
That Will  Entertain, Enrich and
Educate Your Children 

With Schools, Businesses, Parks And Theaters Either Closed Or Restricted - It Can Be Frustrating To Find Quality Online Entertainment To Engage Your Children

As a Parent, School Administrator or Activities Director, you seek rewarding experiences and healthy engagement for the children in your care. This engagement typically includes:

• Play Dates
• Team Sports
• Outdoor Recreation
• And, Of Course-Interactive Live Performances

But With COVID-19, Everything Has Changed

More Parents are working from Home.

Kids Are Bored.

NOT an Ideal Situation

online magic show

Your Kids are experiencing ‘Burn-Out’ from the Online Curriculum provided by their Schools.
Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube can only get you so far…

Never Fear…

We. Can. Help.

Children need to have fun and exciting activities while stuck in the house all day.

The solution is simple.

Zoom Online Magic Shows With
Boston’s Hottest Magician—Bonaparté!

“Thank you Bonaparté for the amazing virtual magic show for my son's birthday party! When the pandemic started, we were concerned about how to make his birthday party fun and were dreading doing a Zoom call with a bunch of kids.”

 “Another parent referred me to Bonaparté (he performed at her son's virtual birthday party), and I was so relieved to have entertainment for my son's birthday celebration.”

“We were very impressed by the show and the ability of Bonaparté  to adjust his talents to the virtual world. My boys loved the show--it was great hearing them laugh!”

“We received positive feedback from several parents. One mother said her daughter has been having a very tough time lately with everything going on (as we all have), and it was so nice to hear her laugh again during the show!”

“Thank you again--we highly recommend your show!”

Zoom birthday party

Lynnelle Pittet
Brighton, MA

Parents and Educators—
Are You Looking For Amazing, Interactive, Live Online Entertainment?

Look No Further.
Bonaparté's Online Comedy Magic Concert is the perfect solution.

Easy, Hassle-Free Entertainment that your Kids will enjoy…

…Right from the comfort of your home or school.

The Best Part…?

You Save A Bundle of Cash!

Special offer! Book now for your Whopping Discount!

Why A Virtual Online Magic Show?

Interactive & Engaging

Bonaparté presents the show as if he is performing before an live audience, so your children will experience the same exciting verbal interaction as his in-person magic concerts.

Hassle-Free & Easy

No more worries about transporting your kids to an event, parking, etc. For educators, no more lost classroom time gathering your students into an assembly. Simple access... hassle-free.

Amazing Magic & Comedy

With this 40 minute program, your children will experience the wonders Eye-Popping Magic and non-stop Laugh Out Load comedy. The show features the fluttering production of a beautiful white bird and a fluffy adorable bunny!

Super Affordable

Because we are bringing Bonaparté's show online, we don't have the usual travel, setup & breakdown time. So, the program is much more cost effective, which means we can price the program at a special Whopping Discounted Rate.

Here Is What Will Happen When You Sign Up


Step 1: Fill out the registration form and select your date and time

You simply select your preferred date and time and we will get back to you asap to confirm availability.  If we are not available, we will suggest an alternate date.


Step 2: Email Correspondence with Additonal Details

When we confirm availability, you will receive an email from us requesting additional information to reserve the booking.


Page 3: Payment and Letter of Agreement

We will send a PayPal payment request for the performance fee and email a letter of agreement that you can simply esign. (PayPal is our preferred method of payment, but if necessary, we can accept a check.)


Step 4: Joining The Live Performance

Several email reminders go out starting about a week before the date with login details, so you can join in the live video with your computers, iPads, etc., 


Step 5: Show Time - Amazing Interactive Magic

You and your children will experience Bonaparté's Amazing Magical Antics and have the time of their lives! Bonaparté's business partner and fellow magician operates the Zoom 'Spotlight' featuring interactive segments with some of your children. (Franc also does some performing, so you get two  magicians for the price of one!)

I know what you are thinking...

The standard rate for the In-Person Magic Concert is $850.00. However,
because this is a Virtual Zoom Concert and Bonaparté doesn't have to...


  • Travel to your location
  • Unload  his equipment
  • Set-up the show
  • Pack up after the show
  • Travel back home, or to another performance...

We can offer the following Whopping Discounted Rate:


Interactive zoom performance 

40 minute magic concert


  • Amazing Magic
  • Hilarious Comedy
  • Adorable Fluffy Bunny
  • Two Awesome Magicians

Want To Save Even More Money? 

*We have three different shows, so we can offer additional discounts for multiple bookings:

  • One Show : $375.00
  • Two Shows : $750.00 (375.00 per show)
  • Three Shows : $975.00 ($325.00 per show)

*For multiple bookings, you are not required to select the dates at the time of the reservation,
as long as the show performance dates are within one year of the original booking.

*In addition... if you book the 3 show package, you will receive a free bonus - $25.00 in Gift Cards from Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, etc.

*Seasonal restrictions may apply.  

Important - if you have been severely impacted by Covid-19 and have budget restrictions, please get back to us with your budget as we may be able a work out a discounted rate that will work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Zoom party?

How do we connect to the live video. Do we need any special equipment?

Is there a limit to number of people attending the virtual magic show?

If I have any friends or family members who cannot attend the show, is there access to a replay?

What devices can we use to watch the performance?

You mentioned an Interactive show. How do you do that virtually?

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