Bonaparté the Magician (pronounced Bon-Ah-Part-Tay) is an award-winning Professional Magic Entertainer whose programs include Sleight-Of-Hand/Close-Up Magic as well as larger scale Concert Style Shows. A performer possessing diverse talents, Bonaparté’s skills include Storytelling, Balloon Sculpture, Origami, Juggling and Mentalism.

His dazzling, interactive style of Magic has captured the hearts and evoked the laughter of thousands of children and adults around the world. Considered a seasoned veteran in his field, Bonaparté often utilizes borrowed, everyday objects such as currency, coins and playing cards to astound an audience. On stage, Bonaparté also performs mind-blowing illusions with his friend ‘Snow’, a fluttering white Dove, and their furry companion, Frisky the Bunny.

Bonaparté is known to create these mini-miracles for audiences of all ages. He amuses as he amazes by inviting his audience to participate in the humorous by-play created by his unique brand of Magic.

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Bonaparté was born in our Nation’s Capital, Washington, D.C. An honors student, he excelled in academics, and still credits his love of reading with his success as a performer. In fact, he learned his very first magic tricks from library books he read as a child. He attended Harvard University with a concentration in Government. Ultimately, however, he chose to make the world a better place not through politics, but rather by inspiring a sense of wonder and possibility through his engaging performances.


Although Bonaparté’s profession is Magic Entertainer, his life goal is to inspire and encourage all people – especially children and youth -- to be their best selves. He is a mentor and Magic Teacher as well as a Performer.  He has been invited to lecture peers at such recognized organizations as the Society of American Magicians.

He is dedicated to sharing his vast knowledge of Magic, his passion for excellence, and his commitment to professional integrity with future generations of magic lovers, from hobbyists to professionals.

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