Bonaparté Makes Sweet 16
Birthday Parties Awesome!

sweet 16 birthday magic

Relax... at your child's Sweet 16 Birthday
An Amazing Time is Guaranteed!

On your teen's special day, Bonaparté will help to make the celebration exciting and full of fun.

His presence is guaranteed to keep bright happy smiles on everyone's face!

Bonaparté is the perfect addition to your upcoming Sweet 16 Birthday Party Celebration.

A highly skilled entertainer with a vast repertoire, he is equally adept at 'Wowing' All Children, Teens, All Adults, or Mixed-Age Family Audiences.

There are 3 exciting Program Options available for these joyous and fun-filled Family Celebrations:

  1. Deluxe Magic Concert
    Bonaparté Performs A Stage Style Magic Show For All To View At Once.
  2. Strolling Close-Up Magic Presentation
    Bonaparté Mixes and Mingles Performing Interactive, Hands-On Mini-Miracles.
  3. Combination Magic Act
    Bonaparté Combines the Best of Both Worlds. Something For Everyone!

Whichever program you deem most suitable for your event, one thing is certain…

 Bonaparté's participation in your teen's Sweet 16 Birthday 
Party will help make the event an Unforgettable Success!

Do you want to assure that your teen's sweet 16th birthday celebration will be an absolutely fun-filled
event that your family and friends will talk about for years to come?

Or do you simply want more information from a Bonaparté Representative?

All you have to do is fill out the following 'No Obligation' form to be on your way!



    All Bonaparté Programs are Backed by
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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