Bonaparté's Magic Workshop... Amazing,
Simple To Learn Magic Tricks

Interactive Magic Workshop - Bonaparté's Magic & More Workshop

Imagine your child or your student waving a magic
wand over their hand and causing a quarter to disappear into thin air!

This is one of my favorite tricks to teach the kids-because they can do it anytime,
anywhere without any special set-up or preparation.

Bonaparté's Magic & More Workshop
Your students Will Experience Real Magic...

Bonaparte with his magical rabbit

I enjoy teaching my students a Magic Workshop  with
simple, yet awesome magic tricks
and the experience has taught me something as well.
Kid’s actually Love to Learn…
…if you can make the learning experience fun and rewarding.

Well, what is more fun than Magic?!

magic workshop

These are actual comments from just a few students from the numerous Magic Programs that I have taught at Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and Libraries

learn magic tricks
magic lessons

In This Magic Workshop, Kids Will Learn Exciting Magic, Such As...

  • How to make objects disappear and reappear.
  • How to have one solid object penetrate another.
  • How to appear to read minds and predict the future.
  • How to cause objects to float mysteriously in the air and much more…!

But this class is not just about the Magic…

The rich, rewarding and funfilled process of learning to perform Magic tricks for their friends and family members also offers a ton of hidden benefits.

Done properly, this learning process:

  • Helps improve the child’s self-confidence.
  • Enhances their social interaction skills.
  • Encourages self-discipline…after all, they must practice the Magic to make it work!
  • Teaches them mutual respect and courtesy.
  • Heightens their awareness of their surroundings.
  • Improves eye-hand coordination.
  • Fosters creativity…inspires their imaginations.
  • Encourages the development of public speaking skills.
  • These are positive skill sets that your child will later access throughout their entire lives!

    In the Magic & More Course, the students will, at times, be introduced to 'professional' props that help make the magic happen. But more importantly, they will learn to do magic anytime, anywhere with everyday household objects-often borrowed from members of their audience!

    In other words…it’s like Real Magic!

    Rave Reviews About Our Magic Workshop

     Rita Foglia

    Watertown Public Schools
    Watertown, MA

    "Last year we were fortunate enough to have Bonaparte teach his fun-filled Magic Workshop at our Middle School. This year, we offered the course to the Hosmer Elementary School and the response was overwhelming!"

    "We had a record-breaking enrollment of 28 students and the enthusiasm seems to be contagious. Bonaparte’s dedication to ensuring that the Magic Class content is both educational and fun is apparent. The students look forward to Magic & More each week!"

    "Bonaparte held a magic workshop for our Scout den and it was amazing! The scouts were mesmerized by the tricks that Bonaparte demonstrated, and were thrilled to learn some tricks from Bonaparte that they can perform on their own."

    "Bonaparte was able to take common everyday objects and--using them as props—teach the boys amazing, mind-blowing magic! They were completely awestruck by Bonaparte's performance, and delighted that they would be able to pass along the magic to their family and friends by performing tricks of their own. It was a 1 hour workshop, packed with fun, learning and entertainment!"

    Cub Scouts Pack 52
    Kathy Sveen
    Watertown, MA

     Matt Rouillard, MSW

    Roxbury Tenants of Harvard
    Boston, MA

    "Bonaparte's magic show and workshop wowed and inspired the children here at Roxbury Tenants of Harvard during February vacation. He did such a wonderful job that we asked him for an encore performance at our annual Block Festival."

    "Again, Bonaparte excelled in entertaining both children and adults alike. Because of these successes, and because of his professional yet fun-loving presence, we are delighted to have him back for another show and workshop during school vacation next year!"

    Wow, This sounds exciting Bonaparte,
    but how much does the workshop cost?

    Unfortunately, it is difficult to describe all of the possible pricing options and variables without my first knowing more information such as:

    • What season, day of the week, time of day would you like the program to be taught?
    • What age group will be primarily involved?
    • How many Magic sessions would you like taught and over what period of time?
    • How many students do you expect to attend the Workshop?

    I can teach a One-Time/One Day Workshop—or at many schools,
    I have taught Workshops that last from 8-12 weeks.

    So, if you are interested in the possibility of my teaching the
    Ever-Popular Bonaparte’s Magic & More Workshop at your School,
    Camp, Library, Club or Organization…let’s talk soon.
    The first step is to fill out the ‘No Obligation’ form below



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