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How hot is Bonaparte’s Summer Camp Concert? Check out comments from a recent Summer Camp Enrichment Program:


"Hello Bonaparte… your performance for our seventy children and youth of the B-Safe camp from Mattapan was simply amazing."

"The anticipation on your arrival in your splendid red suit kept building as you set up for the show. The children could hardly sit still. You started the show aiming at the younger children to engage them from the start. At first the older kids slumped in their chairs; then the magic tricks starting coming fast and furious and they perked up, and once you asked for volunteers, everyone was waving their arms in the air."

"As your performance progressed, you adapted to the older kids with card tricks, a burning book, a dove popping out of a balloon and, of course, the grand finale of a live rabbit appearing in a flaming pot! The kids went wild (as did the adults). Your humor was appropriate and funny even for the adult volunteers and everyone was fully engaged and fascinated during the entire performance. We're all still scratching our heads trying to figure out how you did all those tricks!"

"We would like to thank you for a truly memorable afternoon. One little boy left saying "This was the best day of my whole LIFE!" You can't get a better review than that."

Jeanne Sullivan 
B-Safe Summer Camp
Medfield, MA

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