COVID-19 Safety Measures

With all that is happening with the Coronavirus, we wanted to assure you that Bonaparté is taking measures to diminish health risks during his performances.

Public Safety and Health is the highest priority—even if it disrupts our business.

We are taking the following COVID-19 safety measures to ensure to protect and support anyone attending one of our magic shows:

  • Sanitizing all magic props that would be handled by an audience member during any magic trick that requires a ‘magic helper’ in the show.
  • Enforcing good personal hygiene, such as Bonaparté cleaning his hands with an anti-bacterial hand gel when he arrives at the performance venue and before he starts the show.
  • Bonaparté will wear a mask/face covering during the performance.
  • At least 6 feet Social Distancing between himself and the audience as well as any volunteer ‘magic helper’ during the show.
  • The big finale for his kids shows is a magical appearance of his magic bunny. The World Health Organization issued information that there is no evidence that pets such as dogs, cats, bunnies, hamsters, etc., can be infected with the Covid-19.

Hopefully, our amazing experts and medical professionals will get this health threat under control sooner than later—with a vaccine, affordable testing, etc.

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