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Strolling Close-Up Magic

With this Performance Format, instead of performing a Magic Concert, Bonaparté will roam from group to group and from individual to individual astounding the guests with interactive Close-Up miracles that often happen right in their hands!

The Pied Piper of Magic!

strollimng close-up magic

Since all celebrations typically have guests of all ages--this Performance Option is an excellent way to ensure that the older children, adolescents, teens and adults have an opportunity to enjoy some sophisticated magic--involving sleight of hand and mindreading.

But--don't worry, although the older crowd will appreciate his expertise--the younger children will follow Bonaparté around and join in the Magic as well. Bonaparté becomes a virtual Pied Piper!

Because of its nature, the program length of the Strolling Close-Up Magic format can be 1 Hour, 1 ½ Hours, 2 Hours—or whatever you prefer. How long Bonaparté participates is a personal choice based on the number of guests, your budget and your entertainment vision.

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